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Tom is a great teacher who enjoys working with people as much as he enjoys working with horses. Tom has spent his life mastering his colt starting, horsemanship, stockmanship, cow working and ranch roping skills and he loves sharing the skills he has developed with others.

Colt Starting Clinics

Tom’s colt starting clinic is a great way to start a young horse under saddle, or to restart an older horse that needs some help with the basics. Starting colts in a group atmosphere is a wonderful way to use a horses natural instincts to advance their training. With Tom’s instruction, in this group atmosphere, your colt will go from being a part  of the herd to relying on you for support. It is an amazing feeling when this interaction happens. Tom is very intuitive to both the horse and rider and he makes this class fun to observe. Tom loves it when a student brings their colt back the following year to ride in his horsemanship class.

Horsemanship Classes

In Tom’s horsemanship class he will give you several maneuvers to work on so that each rider can experience feel, timing, and balance at his or her own level. He tries to help each rider get together with their horse, to become one with their horse in a quality balanced relationship. This will help to set up the horse and rider to advance their horsemanship so that they can use their horsemanship for the cow working class.

Cow Working Classes

In Tom’s cow working class, he will give the horse and rider a job. Tom will help you learn to read cattle, so that you can maneuver your horse in such a way as to control and work your cow. This will help you to work a cow in the show ring or on the ranch. This will also help you learn to position your horse for ranch roping throws.

Ranch Roping Classes

Ranch Roping is a passion of Tom’s, and he has been very successful in many ranch roping competitions. However, Tom really loves to rope at brandings and in every day ranch work. At Tom’s ranch roping clinic, he will help to prepare you and your horse to rope in these possible ranch roping scenarios. He will do this using horsemanship and stockmanship skills and of course throw some fancy loops, to keep things interesting and fun.

Check our clinic schedule and see if you can come and see Tom at a clinic near you.

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