Miss Trina’s Longhorn Cattle

Tom and Trina were first truly introduced to Longhorn Cattle when they worked for Buster and Sheila Welch in the late 1980’s. With their vibrant color patterns and sweeping horns it was impossible not to fall in love with the breed. They started with a few cows and then moved on to purchasing a select number of cattle registered with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America. Over the past 12 years, we have been improving the herd and now have 15 very impressive cows.  During Winter Camp, the calves are used to work our horses on. Their gentle disposition makes them perfect to work the young colts and the people at Winter Camp have a good time roping and sorting the colorful yearlings. Longhorn beef is very lean and naturally marbled. All of the beef served at Winter Camp comes from our Longhorns. They are all grass feed with no antibiotics or steroids. We always have a few select heifers and steers for sale.

We have been raising registered texas Longhorns  for 20 years. When we moved to Oklahoma 3 years ago we scaled our herd back to 7 young cows and heifers. We have been fortunate to breed this nice set of heifers to the excellant bull Cowboy Cadence for the past two breeding seasons. We have since become partners with Plain Dirt Farms, Josh and Kit Dinwiddie, on purchasing the bull Sweetwater BCB. Along with keeping an eye on our cattle Josh and Kit are helping us improve our pastures using sustainable natural practices. We are planning to expand our herd by keeping replacement heifers by these fine bulls.