Retraining Racehorses – Back to the Basics DVD



Over 3 Hours of Content!

“The most valuable principle I’ve learned from racehorses – all horses – is understanding how to control the life of the horse’s body through its legs to its feet.” – Tom Curtin

Going back to basics is important to all riding disciplines. In Retraining Racehorses – Back to the Basics Tom Curtin works with ex-racehorses and demonstrates key horsemanship principles to help the horses adapt to new careers.

Tom decided to do create this DVD in order to share his horsemanship technique and how well it applies to ex-racehorses. Too often, we hear people dismiss ex-racehorses as being too high-strung or crazy. And in Texas, with its tradition of Western riding and cowboys, ex-racehorses are considered to be too “English” for rugged ranch and trail riding.

As you will see, foundation is key to helping racehorses fit well in new jobs after their running careers are over. And, as Tom says, “We have to work with these horses as individuals. Each one is different. They’re not machines that come with an owner’s manual. Horses have feelings — and we have to understand their needs.”

In this DVD, you will see how Tom approaches each horse as an individual. With a steady emphasis on foundation work, he works with the horses where they are at that moment — and then builds from there to help the horses with their different needs.

The ex-racehorses are ridden in Western tack in the DVD. But as Tom often says, the horses don’t really care what gear they are in — good horsemanship is good horsemanship, whether English or Western saddles are used.

Retraining Racehorses includes:

Intro to Tom Curtin and LOPE*
Getting Back to Basics
Horsemanship Principles 1
Round Pen Sessions
Horsemanship Principles 2
Arena: Warm-up Exercises
Arena: Horsemanship Exercises
Riding Out: Sporthorse Versatility
Riding Out: Encountering Trouble
Riding Out: Obstacle Course
Special Features

* LOPE Texas is a non-profit that partners with the Texas racing industry to help find racehorses of all breeds new careers. As part of its mission, LOPE provides ongoing public education on horsemanship techniques.